My Story

Lara Kulpa

Hi there! My name is Lara Kulpa.

I am many things, to many people, but most importantly, I am Mama to one amazing daughter and wife to the man who has treated my heart better than anyone ever.

I am also a former zookeeper, previous 9-1-1 dispatcher, and currently an artist, writer, designer, marketer, and business owner. I also volunteer quite a bit. I serve on our local school district's Board of Education and am a life member of the local volunteer fire department. Oh, and I also manage my daughter's non-profit foundation!

Mind you - I do absolutely none of those things perfectly. But I love every bit of those pieces of my life!

yellow dividerI have been working online in some form or another since 1996, and these days would feel extremely out of place and uncomfortable working anywhere but at home. Being able to choose my clients, choose my hours, and choose my income has been one of the greatest benefits for me. 

I absolutely cannot live without the freedom and flexibility of being my own boss. Sure, there are clients who technically are a "boss" but the truth is that I have learned so much in my time that I absolutely could make a living with or without clients whatsoever! 

I mean, how cool is that?

I have run just about every type of income-generating online business there is (well, of all the moral and legal ones, that is), and by far my favorite thing to do is to help others learn how to make their life and business *sparkle* like glitter! 

So that's what's brought me to now, where I'm constantly working on planner kits, commercial use templates, wall art, and tips and advice for everyone from kids and teens to women who want to begin a side hustle to full-blown businesses. My goal is to help as many people I can while I'm here on this spinning rock, and frankly, I'm glad you're here!

Where to begin?

Well, you could check out the blog.

Or, you could shop for planners and printables.

Or, you might want to take a look at some cool stuff with my art on it.

Or, maybe you're trying to start a business and could use some templates. 

I'm going to be creating courses and videos and such very soon (I hope) with a goal of providing you with as many amazing resources as I can! 

Thank you again for stopping by!