Collection: Personal Finance

What does personal finance help you with?

Personal finance is a term that covers managing, saving, and investing your money.

It incorporates every aspect of financial management, including but not limited to budgeting, banking, insurance, mortgages, investments, retirement, tax, and estate planning.

  • Set financial goals, be it saving money, reducing debt, or just getting more organized.
  • Plan ahead for holidays, birthdays, events, and other expenses
  • Create a monthly budget that works for you and your financial situation.
  • Figure out where your income is, and how you can earn even more with a side hustle or another project.
  • Track variable monthly expenses like groceries, household items, dining out, gas, clothing, and more. Know exactly where your money goes, so you can figure out how to save more of it!
  • Stop spending more than you make, and get out of debt faster.
  • Track investments and returns, and manage accounts.
  • ... whatever else you can think of when it comes to money!